Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gay Cruising Blogspot Etiquette For Gay Cruising?

Etiquette for gay cruising? - gay cruising blogspot

If a man is gay cruise (forest, dark room, sauna, lounges search) for the first time ", with which I am happy," before going to work?


Matty said...

Would probably be good manners ... : D

Matty: D

charterm... said...

You should talk with your mouth full.

Men in anchorages are looking for sex, not a comprehensive report on the situation.

Many are married, enjoy the "other side" of personality.

Enjoy the game at all if it turns me on. Have fun, because tomorrow is much harder old and bent, and it will become more difficult .... well, pass the Viagra!

Beware of crabs and other problems in the cinemas.

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